We can help you with oppurtunity identification, business building, product development and marketing

Management Consulting

Our solutions are based around growing your business, improving efficiency and decreasing cost

Technology and Operations

Our technology and operations consulting services begins by reviewing and assessing your current environment

Risk and Compliance

We ensure integrity of your operations with regulatory requirements and solution for reporting and managing market, credit and liquidity risks

Strategy with continuity and operational effectiveness!



  • Oppurtunity identification:
  • We will provide qualitative and quantative tools to assist you in identifying oppurtunities for your business.

  • Business building:
  • After understanding your specific business need we will establish and build new ideas and concepts based on our domain knowledge and expertise and carry out step by step sequence of actions.

  • Product development:
  • We will provide qualitative and quantative tools to assist you in identifying oppurtunities for your business.

  • Marketing & positioning
  • We will assist your company in identifying value proposition and indentifying market segment to pursue. Our in-depth analysis will assist you in developing initial market assessment and develop a plan for new market oppurtunity.

    Management Consulting


    We work pro-actively with your managememt team to create value for your clients using our deep industry knowledge and specialized skills in strategy, operations, information technology, risk management and change management. Our consultants will assist your company in reaching your full potential.

    We will not only create strategic business case but also execute it to demonstrate the quantifiable benefits outlined in the business case.

    1) We begin our initial process of facts finding by due diligence and interviewing:

  • Management
  • Clients
  • Vendors
  • Industry experts
  • 2) Understand companys long term, short term goals.

    3) Gather and analyze facts using our industry knowledge to develop fresh ideas and insight to define oppurtunities.

    4) Create and introduce business case by clearly outlining quantifiable benefits to the management team.

    5) Orchestrate, co--ordinate, manage and implement result oriented strategy in a cost efficient and timely manner using a phased approach to realize the quantifiable benefits.



    We believe in teamwork and collaboration and approach a problem thoughfully by considering and analyzing various technology, operations options through research and due diligence.

    Our technology assessment includes determining what system(s) is best for your business, while doing so we also take into account the performance and shortcomings of your existing operations. Our assessment includes identifying and quantifying the market for a particular technology and also providing a broad outlook of your business and likely development over the next seevral years followed by:

  • Strategic systems deign and technology roadmap planning
  • Vendor system evaluation, selection, configuration, implmentation and integration (front, middle and back office technology)
  • Designing, developing and implementing front office, middle office and back office solutions
  • Systems and operations due diligence prior to a merger/acquisition
  • Data aggregation, integration and management from various data sources & market feed
  • Custom reports development and web deployment
  • Operations improvement:

    By reviewing the exisiting internal processes we will make a recommendation on an optimal business model. This will be done by improving internal processes and/or by automating processes through technology. We will formulate a detailed plan based on the following:

  • Operational assessment, process redesign, operations improvement and workflow optimization
  • Business process outsourcing analysis, assistance with implementing sourcing model and structuring sourcing deals
  • Risk and Compliance


    We conduct an objective review and assesment of your firm to ensure that proper procedures, policies and oversight as far as risk management and compliance is in place.

    Our primary focus is to ensure integrity of your operations and provide and oppurtunity to create a service that is integral to your business that complies with all regulatory requirements.

    We provide soultions for reporting and managing:

  • Market risk
  • Credit risk, counterparty risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Building stress testing models